Would you like to have your application documents evaluated by a specialist and to receive personalised advice?

Maybe you have already completed a few applications and are yet to be successful, despite your excellent qualifications? We can certainly help you with every step of the process and provide you with our suggestions.

As senior consultants within the pharmaceuticals industry and the healthcare sector, we know the people and the processes! Our consultants’ experiences in their own personal careers and experience gained from consultations with our candidates are the basis we use to support your career development in the best way that we can.

We know our clients and the types of personalities that help businesses to succeed on a daily basis.
We are also aware of the personal needs of our most trusted, long-standing clients.
Maybe you are suited to one of or clients, or to us?
We are happy to recommend you to to others and to prepare you for your new role using our analysis and recommendations.

We are available for personal telephone discussions at any time of day on the following number:

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